Door Handle Design Contest Maniglia Nuova

Door Handle Design Contest Maniglia Nuova
Since 2012, Modus has held a contest for the design of door handles called Maniglia Nuova (translated from Italian as “new handle”). Designers, architects, artists and creative people who want to realize their production ideas take part in it.

The purpose of the contest is to create a platform for the development of product design in Ukraine and to popularize Ukrainian designers in Europe.

The main prize is the launch of mass production of the designs by the Italian factory Linea Cali and a cash prize of 1000 euros.

More than 20 designs of our contestants have already been put in production in Italy, Portugal and Greece.

At the presentation of the Maniglia Nuova 2020 Contest, the owner of Modus Company, Evgeny Potyomkin, noted that every year the design ideas become more and more interesting, and it is rather difficult to choose winners among the participants.

Which handle design will win this year? We will find out this autumn. Follow our news on Facebook.